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The American Council of Blind Students (ACBS) is an affiliate of the American Council of the Blind (ACB). We are the most forward thinking group for blind students in the world. The ACBS welcomes students from all educational levels, blindness philosophies, and diverse backgrounds. We connect students with experienced ACB members willing to assist with employment, education, and Vocational Rehabilitation challenges. We make decisions inside the ACBS democratically, together, as we advocate for social inclusion.

A group of blind and low-vision students gathered in a room participating in a lively breakout session
Young lady petting her black lab guide dog

Our philosophy

As an organization, our philosophy is to empower and support students living with blindness around the country. One of the most important philosophy beliefs we hold in ACB Students is that it’s important to have high expectations for all of our students. Additionally, we believe that it is possible to have not only a positive outlook on blindness but to find confidence and value in that aspect of our identities as well. We know that there is no job a blind person can’t do. Incorrect societal expectations, teachings and stereotypes are some of the main reasons that we as students with blindness face discrimination and often feel not only invalidated but also invaluable within our communities and world.

We strongly believe that it is systemic, societal change that needs to take place in our world in order for individuals living with blindness to live fully accessible and inclusive lives. As an organization, we hope to inspire our students to join us in breaking down these barriers that so many people living with blindness face and to challenge the preconceived notion that we cannot contribute or create meaningful change in the world. ACB Students supports those leaders with disabilities who have already challenged these viewpoints and are living up to our positive blindness philosophy and are actively working to provide the next generation of blind leaders with the resources to do the same.

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